Why schools must keep up with tech

Michelle Nicholas, European customer marketing manager at Canon, says schools and teachers must adapt to the digital revolution or risk becoming obsolete…

With increased competition for getting jobs at the most prestigious and disruptive companies, students are continuously looking to gain a new set of skills.

They are anticipated to drive the economy forward as the first generation of ‘digital natives’. Accustomed to using new technologies in their home life and studies, students are driving this change from within and have identified the importance of being taught the application of technology during their education – such as 3D printing.

Students are demanding a 3D printing curriculum, especially in subjects such as design, science and engineering. This expectation for the use of innovative technologies in the classroom has created a digital transformation of traditional school functions. Mastering this mix of new technology, increased data streams and changing skills for educators is a tough task for schools. There’s a lot at stake, too, because if change is not implemented quickly and correctly, schools can run the risk of becoming obsolete with students going elsewhere.

Luckily, schools are not alone on this journey. Resellers are perfectly positioned to understand the challenges faced by schools, colleges and universities, and guide them through their transformational phase. As a technology reseller or retailer familiar with the education market, they can take a consultancy-led approach and build trusted relationships with schools to introduce new technology for better educational practices. They can do this by selling, implementing and servicing the latest solutions, both in hardware and software, which will help schools to better adapt to students’ changing needs.

A great example of this is Canon’s work with the St John Bosco College in London, which has a vision to become a school of the future, putting technology at the heart of its learning experience. St John Bosco is currently preparing its move to a new building in September, which will help to kick-start the realisation of the college’s vision.

The new premises will include an Innovation Suite, which will provide students with access to modern technology, allowing them to carry out enterprise-like projects. This will also equip them with valuable practical experience for their job after graduation.

Being able to offer such a service is only possible if the school’s back- office runs smoothly, too. St John Bosco uses Canon’s technology to digitise thousands of paper records, from HR documents and exam results, and manage them within the cloud. This makes it easier for staff to retrieve documents for legal compliance, analyse the school’s educational performance and adjust the learning experience where appropriate

Michelle Nicholas is European customer marketing manager at Canon.

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