First Skylake systems and motherboards emerge – UK system builder roundup

The first new PC systems and motherboards based on Intel Skylake technology have hit the market.

Intel launched its two new 14nm 6th Generation Core computer processors at Gamescom yesterday – the i5-6600K and the i7-6700K – also known as Skylake processors. 

PCs from system builders

It seems that Chillblasthas the biggest range of Skylake systems for sale in the UK so far, with a total of 12 new systems ranging from the £541.65 Fusion Centurion to the £1,416.66 Fusion Master.

YoYoTech has revealed its new line of Warbird desktops powered by the CPUs, from the £699.99 unit with an i5 processor, MSI Z170A motherboard and an Nvidia GTX750Ti GPU, to the £1,099.99 system (pictured) with an i7 chip, Asus Z170 motherboard and Nvidia GTX 970 GPU.

Overclockers (OCUK) currently has two systems based on the i5-6600K Skylake processor – the £951.04 Titan Bayonet and £1,182.94 Titan Gladius – but as of yet doesn’t have an i7-6700K system on its website.

However, OCUK is running a promotion for customers, offering them an X99 6-Core system for £50 less than an equivalent i7 Skylake system.

"X99 is overall still the most current extreme platform, so this offering enables customers the option of getting their hands on a system without a big gap in the price," the firm said in a statement.

A visit to Scan Computers’ website shows the retailer has three new 3XS Skylake systems, one based on the new i5 chip and two others based around the i7 CPU.

PC Specialist also has three Skylake-based PC systems, the Vulcan G7S from £800, the Vulcan S170 from £1,200 and the high-end Obsidian S from £1,700.

Finally, CyberPower has a total of five Skylake-based Intel Z170 gaming PCs coming soon, from the £899 i5 unit to the £1,399 i7 computer.

Have we missed you? Spotted any other custom-built Skylake PCs from UK builders? Please email us and let us know.

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ASUS has announced a bunch of new motherboards, starting with the Z170 Pro Gaming, an ATX gaming motherboard and the first product in the new ASUS Pro Gaming series.

It also revealed the Z170 Signature Series motherboard, for day-to-day productivity, entertainment and gaming, as well as the ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) products. These are the Maximus VIII Hero, Maximus VIII Ranger and Maximus VIII Gene, three new gaming motherboards based on the latest IntelZ170 Express chipset.

Other motherboard vendors with new Skylake boards include Asrock, MSI, Gigabyte, Supermicro, EVGA and ECS.

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