Utopia offers revenue share scheme to Twitch and YouTube gaming channels

UK system builder Utopia Computers is offering gamers a new way to grow their revenue streams online.

The Utopia Alliance Programme gives gamers who have their own Twitch.TV or YouTube channel the chance to earn some cash.

It allows Utopia partners to earn a percentage-based commission on any PC or laptop bought from the Utopia Computers website which is referred by the partner. Utopia says it’s the first UK system builder to offer this.

In total, there are four partner levels gamers can get involved with, including bronze, sliver, gold and platinum, which are based on the individual’s number of subscribers or views.

Craig Hume, director at Utopia Computers, said: “We are being approached by talented gamers everyday and we wanted to help them all. Our aim was to create a community-based partner programme that was easily accessible, with no complicated tie-ins or contracts."

Mark Laurie, director at Utopia, added: “The Utopia Alliance gives up and coming YouTube and Twitch stars a stepping stone into making money from their channel and streams.

“There is a lot of seriously talented individuals out there, but their path to success can be a hard one when they have to find ways to finance their channels and get sponsors.

"We also see the Alliance as a way of scouting the best talent, and when working with them on this, we can see if they are the type of gamers that we can work with on larger campaigns.”

“The Utopia Alliance referral scheme is a great opportunity for content creators on both Twitch and YouTube to earn extra income.” added iTemp, Utopia’s first Alliance partner.

“The multiple tiers of partnerships available allows almost every creator to get involved. The partnership could be the very first one a new creator forms or, for already established Twitch and YouTube content producers, a new opportunity to work with an award-winning company.”

Other UK PC system builders have typically offered gaming channels money in terms of sponsorship, or similar revenue schemes.

You can find out more about the Utopia Alliance Program here: www.utopiacomputers.co.uk/alliance

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