32% think PCs are too expensive

Cashback and trade-in deals prompt consumers to upgrade devices

UK consumers are holding onto their laptops for longer, but 44 per cent say the right deal could persuade them to buy a new device.

According to a OnePoll survey by marketing specialist Opia, over a third say they would be influenced by a discount on a new laptop, while 24 per cent said they would be tempted by other offers such as cashback.

20 per cent of respondents revealed that subsidised trade-in deals could also change their mind.

In addition, nearly a third of consumers (32 per cent) think new PCs are too expensive, while 39 per cent stated they are holding on to their current devices because they ‘only need basic functions’.

Steve Gales, sales director at Opia, said: “With more and more people trying to hang on to devices as long as possible, manufacturers and retailers need to be bold and find new ways to break lengthy refresh cycles.

“Despite the limitations of older hardware, many people still feel that their old laptop carries a value. To capitalise on this opportunity, retailers and manufacturers need a compelling trade up offer and an easy-to-use redemption mechanism for their promotions.”

The survey also revealed that 47 per cent of consumers have laptops aged between two and three years, meaning there is now a commercial opportunity for PC manufacturers and retailers.

Gales added: “In the last few years, the market has been all about tablets. This won’t be the case any longer.

“We believe this will be a bumper year for laptops as consumers upgrade to Windows 10 on mass. There’s never been a better time for retailers and manufacturers to launch a great offer for trading up.”

This news comes after IDC reported that PC shipments are expected to decline further this year.

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