"We stand for building great products," says AMD’s president and CEO Lisa Su

AMD announces new compact gaming PC – Project Quantum

More good news for PC gaming comes following the announcement by AMD that will be bringing to market its own compact gaming PC, currently billed as Project Quantum.

The machine was unveiled during AMD’s ‘New Era of PC Gaming’ presentation and, according to reports, appears to be just 10 inches wide by 10 inches deep. There were few other details, although AMD stressed that the GPU horsepower inside Project Quantum could run any 4K game at 60 frames per second.

Speaking at the presentation, AMD’s president and CEO Lisa Su offered: “When I think about AMD, what do we stand for? We stand for building great products.

"Today we’re not just talking about a chip, we’re talking about a family of products. When we think about GPUs and gamers, we think about every aspect that’s important. It’s about performance, power, power efficiency and new form factors. It’s about what we can bring to PC gaming.”

The news comes after AMD revealed its next-gen Radeon 300 Series GPUs, including the high-end R9 Fury X

While a launch date and firm specs were not announced for Project Quantum, the PC gaming and tech media reacted incredibly positively to AMD’s news, with Forbes enthusing: “It’s an incredibly sexy looking PC and I’m looking forward to learning more about it, and the inevitable wave of even tinier living room PCs to come. It’s ridiculously exciting to imagine a PC this compact and future-cool, capable of quality 4K and VR gaming.”

Hardcore Gamer reported: “Project Quantum… boasts an absolutely beautiful form factor and the power of 16 TERAFLOPs. This is certainly going to be the staple of PC gamers who would rather purchase a powerful computer rather than spending the time and effort building one themselves.

“How Project Quantum stacks up to the rest of the field in terms of game performance remains to be seen, but this is certainly an exciting announcement.”

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