4K machine is pitched as a ‘console killer'; Utopia hopes it will become a Steam-approved system

Utopia Computers launches Hero – its own take on the Steam Machine

Performance system builder Utopia Computers has built its own take on the Steam Machine. 

The Hero gaming PC is shipping with Windows 8.1 and Steam’s Big Picture mode at the moment, but Utopia recently became a Steam Hardware Partner and is hoping to have it included in Steam’s list of approved systems in due course. 

The news comes after it was announced the first Steam Machines will launch this November, with GAME picking up the exclusive for the standalone controller and Steam Link streaming device.

Steam Machines are gaming PCs designed for the living room. 

Utopia’s Hero machine is pitched as a ‘console killer’. It can be configured to deliver gaming at 4K resolutions, and is provided out of the box with a mini wireless keyboard including an integrated touchpad along with a wireless gamepad.

It allows gamers to play the latest titles alongside streaming services like NetFlix through their living room TV.

Utopia has partnered with Asus, Be Quiet, Cooler Master, Corsair and Razer to bring the Hero to life.

“We wanted to create the best possible living room gaming experience, and I fully believe that the Hero delivers just that,” said Craig Hume, director at Utopia.

“4K gaming is immense. Our customers have invested in the TVs, so now they need a high performance gaming machine capable of running the content. Something sleek and stylish that doesn’t look out of place in the living room. It’s also fully upgradeable and can support full-sized GPUs, so you really don’t have to make any compromises for its small footprint.”

Hal Greenwood, Cooler Master channel marketing executive, added: "It is a pleasure to be partnering with Utopia Computers on another one of their groundbreaking projects. They have managed to harness the power needed to play 4K content, yet keep it quiet and compact. Utopia are constantly pushing the PC boundaries, I’m excited to see what they come up with next."

Like other Utopia systems, the Hero comes with a 10-year warranty and a lifetime of free tech support. For more info visit www.utopiacomputers.co.uk/hero.asp.

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