Could drones offer you a new revenue stream?

Drones may be the latest consumer toys, but have you ever thought about how they could be used in a business environment?

At Computing’s recent Enterprise Mobility and Application Management Summit 2015, Rentokil’s global director of enterprise, Anthony Meadows, revealed the firm is looking in to using drones for bird pest control.

Meadows was discussing this as part of a talk about IoT, saying it will be ‘huge’ for pest control.

"Instead of having to get a ladder out, we could send a drone up with a camera," he said.

This got us thinking. What other businesses could benefit from having a fleet of drones?

Drones could come in handy when assessing damage to buildings, or help rescue teams see if there are any survivors after a structural or natural disaster.

They could also be used at times when a human might not be able to fit in a particular space such as in sewer pipes and air vents.

Once you get thinking about emergency services and the police force, it may seem a bit sci-fi, but there are some good examples of how they can make use of drones for surveillance or even helping to map out routes in car chases and warning ambulances of traffic delays.

Whatever the situation, companies will need to buy their drones from somewhere. So if you’re a reseller who’s looking for the next tech products to get on board with, they may just be hovering above your head.

Image source: Shutterstock

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