BT’s 4K channel will be the first in Europe

BT launches first 4K channel as 8K YouTube video goes live

BT has announced that it will now offer a 4K-quality channel which will play sport.

The BT Sport Ultra HD channel will be the first 4K channel in Europe and will launch in August.

4K video offers four times the resolution of standard HD, and BT is also set to launch a 4K set-top box, which will only be compatible with a 4K TV.

However, the service will only be available to BT Infinity customers, due to the bandwidth required for streaming 4K videos.

Paolo Pescatore, director of multiplay and video at CCS Insight, said: “Being one of the first to launch 4K in the UK will be quite an accolade for the company. More so given that other providers such as BBC and Sky have traditionally been the first to launch new features/services.

“Though this might be significant, users might need to fork out more money in order to watch this new channel such as buying a new TV and upgrading their broadband line.”

In other news, YouTube has also unveiled its first 8K video called Ghost Towns posted by Neumannfilms, which has caused some trouble for viewers.

The footage was filmed on the RED Epic Dragon 6K in portrait orientation and was then patched together in Adobe After Effects.

Many viewers have had not been able to watch the clip due to the amount of resources it takes to run such a video.

YouTube has revealed that is has supported 8K video uploads since 2010, but the high-resolution option has only appeared recently.

The video is available below?

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