Revised sails branding "will be our ultimate logo for everything" confirms CEO

Corsair quietly ditches ‘tramp stamp’ gaming logo following criticism

Corsair has scrapped its new gaming logo featuring two swords (pictured), dubbed a ‘tramp stamp’ by some PC gamers, in favour of a revised version of its traditional sails branding.

The firm revealed a DIY gaming PC at Computex yesterday which featured a sails logo.

It’s the first new product in its gaming range that doesn’t feature the much-unloved swords image, which was first introduced last year and sparked criticism from customers online.

An online petition was signed by almost 8,000 people, while some internet users photoshopped the image, comparing it to a crab, a man’s face with a moustache and a back tattoo. One modder even produced a YouTube video on how to "fix" the Corsair gaming logo, which amassed more than 300,000 views.

The petition read: "This is important because as consumers we demand a sleek looking product. The new Corsair Gaming logo does not fit with that description. When I see the Corsair logo I think of the premium and professional products Corsair has made that I and many consumers have come to enjoy.

"The new "Corsair Gaming" logo does not reflect the attitude of a premium and professional Corsair. Instead it resonates with a childish video gaming vibe (not to confuse it with PC gaming)."

Well now the gamers have got what they wanted.

Corsair’s CEO Andy Paul says all Corsair products going forwards – gaming or otherwise – will display a revised version of the traditional sails logo. 

"This is the logo that will be our ultimate logo for everything,” he told

However, he added: “There was a sensible premise behind that [new swords] logo, when we chose that. A lot of areas of the world, South America, loved it. It was the US and UK that got on this tattoo thing. But the thing is – we couldn’t buy PR like that." 

Corsair PR Director Rick Allen added: “What we found out is everyone loved and was pretty loyal to the old logo. We didn’t realise it up until that point. So we decided to unify everything under one logo, but we still wanted to modernise the logo, make it look more sleek.”

The Corsair Gaming website now features the traditional sails logo again.

Here are the two logos in comparison: 

What do you think? A load of hot air, or a worthwhile change?

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