Only five per cent think that subjects such as history or geography trump ICT

‘ICT is more important in schools than Maths and English’

ICT is now the most relevant school subject for British children above maths, science and even English, a study has found.

Insights from vendor Crucial have found that activities such as coding, gaming and programming are more popular now than ever before, with 68 per cent of Brits believing that learning how to use computers is more important than traditional subjects.

Even older generations (55 and over) are of the same mindset, with 70 per cent saying that computer knowledge is now more important for children than other subjects taught in schools today.

Only five per cent think that subjects such as history or geography trump ICT, 50 per cent say maths is the most important and surprisingly only 46 per cent say English.

Roddy McLean, computer upgrade expert from, said: “Not every child will grow up to be a Mark Zuckerberg or a Steve Jobs. However, basic ICT skills can really help later in life – not only with finding a job, but also with making home life easier.”

78 per cent reckon that better knowledge of computer science will help kids get a job in the future, whilst 42 per cent believe those kind of skills with assist them in starting their own business.

It cannot be denied that being even slightly knowledgeable in this area can be beneficial and put those children ahead of the pack.

McLean concluded: “One common problem that people suffer from today is a slow running computer, and knowing how to fix this problem can save time and money."

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