The gaming mouse that tracks hear rate, galvanic skin response and actions per minute

Smart gaming mouse launches on Kickstarter

Game-ware developers, MionixLabs has announced the launch of the NAOS QG – NAOS Quantified Gaming – smart mouse on Kickstarter.

The mouse uses built in sensors to track a gamers heart rate, galvanic skin response and actions per minute, providing real-time insights into how you game, that you never had access to before.

Similar to how athletes collect data on their performance, the NAOS QG gathers information each time it is used, sharing it with the gamer – enabling them to compare data to previous performances or share with other players via such platforms as Twitch.

Such data can be used to understand reactions, and optimise overall gaming performance – plus can be used to offer developers new insights into how games are played.

MionixLabs said: “When playing we rely on two things, our skills and our gaming peripherals. But we really have no understanding how our bodies affect our gameplay. We want to change that.”

The NAOS QG has already raised $21.259 of its $100,000 target on Kickstarter, still with 39 days to go.

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