David Emm takes us through an average day working for security software firm Kaspersky

Day in the life: David Emm, Principal Security Researcher, Kaspersky

Kaspesky’s David Emm talks about investigating malware, 6am train journeys and ‘saving the world’.

In my line of work there is no such thing as a standard day, as such. However, a more-or-less ‘normal’ day starts with a 6am train for my hour-long commute heading into the Paddington office.

I like to start early. There are fewer commuters and it’s quite a civilised environment in which to get through some reading. It also means that the office is quiet, giving me a chance to get the jobs done which need concentration and peace and quiet.

I’m fortunate enough to work with a group of very smart people, in a team that has been responsible for investigating and analysing cutting-edge targeted malware campaigns such as Stuxnet, Duqu, Flame and Red October. The guiding mission of the team is ‘we’re here to save the world’. This might sound overly grandiose, but it expresses the ethic that drives us all in our work.

On any given day I could be discussing either general or specific threats with the media, speaking to IT managers and executives about corporate security and how to defend against today’s malware, or explaining to non- technical people how malware can affect their everyday lives and advising what they can do to reduce the risk of falling victim to a malware attack.

We live in an age where malware can touch almost every aspect of our everyday lives, something which makes my work extremely varied. It can involve discussing these issues in press briefings, speaking at conferences and business events, working with universities, or highlighting security issues in my blog on The Huffington Post. I also support the work of colleagues in our sales and marketing teams, discussing aspects of the threat landscape.

When I’m not working, I enjoy reading, playing guitar and spending time with family.

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