Samsung calls iPhone users ‘wall huggers’

VIDEO: Samsung Galaxy S5 advert mocks Apple’s iPhone battery

Samsung is at it again, poking fun at Apple users in its new Galaxy S5 smartphone advert.

The advert depicts iPhone owners as ‘wall huggers’ who’s batteries are constantly running out of juice while Galaxy S5 users go about their day without worrying about finding a plug socket.

It’s worth keeping in mind that while yes, Samsung’s batteries are bigger, the firm isn’t really giving a direct power comparison. The advert suggests users carry around a second battery so they can swap once their current one runs out. They can also put the S5 into Ultra Power Saving Mode which may use a lot less battery, but only gives the user limited access to features.

While Apple’s iPhones may not have this particular feature, users can quickly access functions such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and other battery draining apps and adjust them to save battery life.

This is not the first time Samsung has decided to spend more time mocking iPhone users than showing off about its own unique smartphone features.

When the Galaxy S3 was released its advertising campaign basically said iPhones are for old people and idiots. And Samsung is not the only one. Nokia and Microsoft have both released adverts that clearly mock Apple products.

Check out the latest Samsung advert below:

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