Martin Bannister, director of Kogo, talks about how the current economic climate is affecting business...

Synaxon Member Profile: Kogo Limited

Martin Bannister, director of Kogo, talks about how the current economic climate is affecting business and why trade organisations are invaluable to the industry…

Tell us about your business – what products and services do you offer?

Kogo Limited is based in Sussex, and we provide IT solutions to businesses.

We manage all aspects of our clients’ IT needs including on-site and remote technical support, supply of new equipment, and the management and implementation of large-scale projects.

We have been in business since 1998 and have seen a lot of change over that time. We have constantly adapted our business to ensure we are up to date with current trends and technologies.

Who are your customers?

Most of our customers are based in and around the South of England, however many of them have branch offices which are a little more far-flung.

We manage everything from small five-computer networks up to 100-plus computer networks – and strive to provide a personal service for all.

How has business been?

The current economic climate dictates that things are tight – not only for our clients, but also for us. We have focused our efforts on providing more efficient systems for our clients. This gives both ourselves and our customers a good base for the future.

What is coming up for you later this year?

We are improving internal processes and monitoring for our customers, as well as regular detailed reporting.

We are also implementing many more cloud migrations for our clients as the need to incorporate things like off-site backups and Microsoft Office 365 increases. All of this will no doubt keep us busy.

What are the benefits of a being a Synaxon member?

The ability to research product availability and price easily across many vendors ensures we can get the best price for equipment and find difficult-to-source products easily.

Synaxon also helps us to talk to vendors and bring solutions to our portfolio as and when they are launched. We find their service invaluable.

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