Graphics firm adds belief that popularity of PC gaming sector is 'underestimated'

Nvidia: ‘Tablets are having no effect on gaming notebook sales’

Graphics specialist Nvidia has said that despite tablets ‘cannibalising’ standard notebook devices, gaming notebooks are continuing to grow in strength.

Speaking at the launch of its 800M range of notebook graphics cards, senior product marketing manager Mark Aevermann told PCR: “[Traditional and gaming notebooks] appear to be very different markets, serving very different users.

“In 2013 the overall notebook industry was down by about nine per cent,” he explained.

“Gaming notebooks have [instead] been growing by about 25 per cent every year.

"They say tablets are cannibalising notebooks – but that has no bearing on the health and interest in gaming notebooks.”

Aevermann said that one explanation for gaming notebooks’ success could be the attractive balance of portability and power.

“PC gaming is huge,” he added, citing the $25 billion market’s out-selling of the music and cinema sectors.

“Quite frankly, it’s underestimated in terms of how popular it is.”

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