Latest Trials game goes big on visuals while keeping its popular high score gameplay at heart

HANDS-ON: Trials Fusion

Ubisoft and RedLynx are back with more physics-based, side-scrolling, motor-biking madness in Trials Fusion, which will have a boxed PC release on April 24th.

The core gameplay of Trials Fusion has not moved on much from previous titles, Trials HD and Trials Evolution, but the biggest difference to the latest offering has to be its impressive new visuals.

While fans of the series are used to bunny hopping between scaffolding in warehouses or desperately trying to not land head first into dirt track slopes, Trials Fusion places the gamer in an array of colourful, futurist and at times cinematic settings.

Complete with explosions, moving platforms, snow-covered mountains and even more explosions, the game is a bit of a feast for the eyes.

While playing through levels, it can be tempting to go back to them just to take it all in – along with trying to beat your highest score of course.

The new splash of mechanical mishaps, neon lights and robotic-voiced announcements offering sarcastic statistics puts me in mind of, dare I say it, Portal.

Of course there’s always been humour injected into the Trials series, and yes, you can still fling yourself off your trusty motorcycle at the end of runs.

The simple controls have remained, which means those who have played previous Trials titles will be able to jump straight in to the action.

As for those who are brand new to the series, while the main controls are indicated at the start of the first level, tips and tricks on clearing large gaps, back flipping and surviving the landings of unbelievably huge jumps are introduced at different points throughout the game.

High scores are still at the heart of Trials Fusion, whether it’s in Career, Multiplayer or Challenges mode, with players being able to pit themselves against the clock, or other bikers from around the globe.

There are also plenty of achievements to complete, which are presented at the beginning of each level. This adds a little more replay value after you’ve reached a top score you can no longer beat.

A number of motorcycles are also there for unlocking, giving gamers the chance to pick different bikes for different modes.

Trials Fusion will be available on Xbox 360, Xbox One and PS4 on April 16th, and PC on April 24th.

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