Concept displays are equivalent to sixteen High Definition screens

CES 2014: Samsung and Sharp demonstrate ‘Quad Ultra HD’ 8K TVs

While 4K televisions sets are still set to find mainstream adoption, Samsung and Sharp are already gearing up with the next step in display tech.

Both companies have demonstrated their concepts for 8K, or ‘Quad Ultra High Definition’ (QUHD), televisions.

With a resolution of 7,680 x 4,320 pixels, the fidelity of the screens is equal to that of four Ultra HD 4K sets crammed into the same space – or 16 standard HD displays.

Samsung’s display measured 98 inches across, while Sharp’s slightly smaller 85-inch TV also added glasses-free 3D viewing.

“We all want to see more,” said Toshiyuki Osawa, CEO and chairman of Sharp. “More details, more depth, more colour.”

“Sharp is showcasing a range of innovative display technologies at CES 2014 that are paving the way to the high resolution future."

"From 8K glasses-free 3D and Quattron+ to IGZO, Sharp is demonstrating high resolution display options that are revolutionizing viewing both today and in the future."

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