4K television follows flat 85-inch and curved 105-inch UHD models

Samsung launches 110-inch Ultra HD TV and innovative UHD mobile chip

Samsung has announced a 110-inch 4K television alongside an improved memory chip for Ultra HD mobile devices, claimed to be an ‘industry first’.

The sizable product follows the company’s flat 85-inch and curved 105-inch Ultra HD sets, and is supported within a freestanding metal frame.

The model, which is the bigger brother of the 85-inch S9 television, is expected to carry over many of its predecessor’s features, such as the ability to upscale from Full HD to Ultra HD, Precision Black Pro contrast ratio technology, smart TV functionality and 2.2-channel audio.

The model has so far been confirmed for release in China and the Middle East, with further countries expected to follow in the next two months.

No price has been released, but the existing Samsung S9 currently sells for £35,000 on the firm’s website.

It’s not only Samsung’s televisions that are focusing on higher-resolution displays, with its release of the industry’s first eight gigabit DRAM memory chip meaning that more responsive higher-resolution mobile devices look set to appear in the future.

The chip doubles the current capacity of existing chips, providing the ability to use up to four Gigabyte of memory.

Battery life is also expected to be improved by the component, with large-form smartphones, tablets and notebooks with Ultra HD displays expected to eb the first products to adopt the technology this year.

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