From macros to dpi, every PC gamer needs the right equipment to be comfortable yet effective. We consider the best tools for those long weekends spent in front of the computer…

Game on with PCR’s gaming mice and keyboard guide

From macros to dpi, every PC gamer needs the right equipment to be comfortable yet effective. We consider the best tools for those long weekends spent in front of the computer…

QPAD MK-80 and 85 MX Pro

RRP: £149.99 for the MK-85 MX Pro (pictured), £89.99 for the MK-80

Distributor: VIP Computers, MK-80 also distributed by Meroncourt

They say: With mechanical switches for accuracy and feel, gold plated connecters and full N-key rollover, the MK-80 and 85 MX are ultra-responsive gaming keyboards. Built to last 50 million strokes, with macro recording (on the MK-85), media keys and individual LED backlights for every key, these keyboards are made to look good and last for a long time.

Specs: Full N-key rollover via USB, Cherry MX Blue (MK-80) and Red (MK-85) mechanical switch technology, ultra-durable keys, 4-level adjustable brightness for individual LED back lights, gold-plated USB connectors for extremely low latency, USB hub with two high-speed USB 2.0 ports, media keys for volume control, play, pause and skip tracks.

Razer Naga

RRP: £79.99

Distributor: VIP Computers

They say: The latest edition of Razer’s best-selling MMO-dedicated mouse makes late-night raids, intense guild battles and exciting dungeon crawling even more fun.

Specs: 8200dpi 4G laser sensor, ARM 32-bit processor, 1000Hz ultrapolling, tracking of up to 200 inches per second with 50g acceleration, 12 mechanical thumb buttons, tilt-click scroll wheel, Razer Synapse 2.0 configurator enabled, and hyperesponse buttons.

SteelSeries Apex [RAW]

SRP: £59.99

Distributor: Gem Distribution, Entatech

They say: With sleek low profile, low action keys, the Apex [RAW] is designed for quick reflexes. With 15 raised macro keys, each capable of up to two layers, and brilliant white illumination with eight levels of intensity.

Specs: Single colour backlighting, 15 macro keys with two layers, media controls, fully driven by the SteelSeries Engine.

Cooler Master Skorpion Mouse Cable Manager

SRP: £17.99

Distributor: Target Components

They say: Make your mouse feel like it’s wireless without sacrificing responsiveness. With no added delay or interference, no need to change batteries or added weight, the Cooler Master Skorpion provides the advantages of both wired and wireless mice in order to give you the perfect shot.

Specs: Flexible rubber mouse cord arm, super-grip feet, can be disassembled for portability.

Cherry G80-3850 MX3.0

RRP: £79.99

Distributor: Entatech, Northamber and Micro-P

They say: The world-renowned MX keyboard switch manufacturer moves into new waters with its first PC gaming keyboard. Evolving from the time-tested G80-3000 design of the last 25 years, but retaining Cherry’s quality and reliability.

Specs: Red-stemmed Cherry MX switches, tested to over 50 million operations, N-key rollover allowing up to 14 keys to be used simultaneously.

Ozone Rock, Green Edition

SRP: £14.99

Distributor: Meroncourt

They say: An extra-large cloth mousepad designed to give a smooth glide to any kind of mouse. Tested by professional gamers, Rock’s ultra-grip rubber base provides maximum control regardless of surface, while its extra-large dimensions provide the gliding area necessary for critical mouse movements.

Specs: 400x320x3mm, micro-textured, rubberised base to stop sliding.

Razer Sabertooth Xbox 360 Controller

SRP: £79.99

Distributor: VIP Computers

They say: The successor to the award-winning Xbox 360 controller that was deemed illegal during tournament play for being unfairly advantageous. Despite having been restructured in a new rugged design with more customisability and control options, the Sabertooth still remains comfortable to use.

Specs: Six additional programmable buttons, detachable cable, OLED screen for customisability, non-slip rubber surface.

Logitech G110

SRP: £64.99

Distributor: Spire Technology

They say: Easily locate keys in the dark with custom-colour backlighting. Connect any headset and hear your teammates or rivals clearly. Assign up to 36 unique keystrokes or macros per game, so you’ve always got the right response to every situation.

Specs: Selectable custom-coloured backlighting, integrated USB audio via 3.5mm jack, up to 36 configurable keypresses or macros on the programmable G-keys, MR key allows on-the-fly macro recording.

QPAD 5K Pro Laser Mouse

SRP: £69.99

Distributors: VIP Computers

They say: The 5K Pro Gaming laser mouse from QPAD features a powerful navigation engine, designed for high-performance professional gamers. The engine allows extremely high-speed detection of motion at a high resolution in order to deliver precise tracking on a variety of surfaces.

Specs: High-end gaming grade laser sensor, 30G acceleration reaching a max speed of 150 inches per second, five programmable buttons with software macro recording.

Gigabyte Aivia Osmium

SRP: £109.99

Distributor: VIP Computers

They say: Named after the heaviest element at normal conditions, the Osmium keyboard aims to echo the luxury and durability of its namesake.

Specs: Cherry MX Brown 45g light tactile switches, tested to 50 million strokes, headphone-out and microphone-in 3.5mm jacks, full-range anti-ghosting capability, USB 3.0 SuperSpeed and 2.0 extension ports, built-in GHOST engine, dynamic volume control, includes wrist rest.

Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse

SRP: £69.99

Distributor: Gem Distribution

They say: Configured for MMO use out of the box, the G600 includes 20 buttons in order for players to ensure that nothing stands between them and success. Combine with the optional Logitech gaming software for total programmability.

Specs: 16-million colour custom-lighting, onboard memory with the ability to save up to three profiles, on-the-fly dpi switching from 200 to 8200, gaming grade laser, 1000Hz report rate, 12 buttons in a dual dish thumb panel.

Speedlink Competition Pro Joystick TournamentEdition

SRP: £21.99

Distributor: Meroncourt

They say: Reviving the feel of the 80s with its retro design and the familiar click of its micro switches, the Competition Pro also includes a CD with full versions of California Games, Winter Games and Summer Games, which combine modern HD graphics with the sports fun of the past.

Specs: USB connection, rugged stick with metal spring, four fire buttons including switchable rapid-fire functionality, 1.8m cable, no driver required.

Trust GXT 23/32s/34/35 Gaming Mice

SRP: Varies (GXT 34 pictured)

Distributor: Entatech, with the GXT 35 also available from Gem Distribution

They say: For those looking for something more affordable, or a mouse with a little bit more simplicity, Trust offer a range of mice perfect for less competitive gamers.

Specs: Varies, but all models included support a switchable dpi speed, programmable buttons and an ergonomic design.

Speedlink Drift O.Z. PC/PS3 Racing Wheel

SRP: £47.99

Distributor: Meroncourt

They say: Sometimes a keyboard just doesn’t cut it for control – racing games are best played with a racing wheel. The Drift’s rubberised rim and strong suction-cups ensure that the wheel stays fixed to the desk while making any extreme manoeuvres.

Specs: Support for both PC and PlayStation 3, force-feedback, rapid-access shifter paddles, digital D-pad plus 10 fire buttons, 180-degree steering lock.

Ozone Blade Membrane Pro

SRP: £54.99

Distributor: Meroncourt

They say: A stunner in the dark, the Blade combines style with utility into a gaming weapon that’s as sharp as a knife. The Blade flaunts gorgeous backlit keys alongside the ability to save up to 50 different macros in five separate profiles in the 128Kb onboard memory.

Specs: Dual red/blue backlight, 10 macro keys with five profiles, 128Kb onboard memory, 18K gold-plated USB connector, anti-ghosting capability, 1000Hz polling rate.

Razer BlackWidow Ultimate

SRP: £119.99

Distributor: VIP Computers

They say: The latest edition of the BlackWidow Ultimate combines blue switches with green backlit mechanical keys, topping them off with an anti-fingerprint matte black finish.

Specs: Optimised actuation force of 50g, actuation distance of 2mm, on-the-fly macro recording in up to 10 instant-access profiles, individually lit keys with five levels of lighting, USB pass-through, audio-out and mic-in jacks, multimedia controls.

Logitech G710+

SRP: £149.99

Distributor: Gem Distribution

They say: The G710+ employs a built-in dampening ring under every mechanical key in order to make the keyboard whisper-quiet without sacrificing responsiveness. Also present is a game mode switch, in order to avoid accidental keystrokes at critical moments.

Specs: Tactile mechanical keys with an actuation force of 45g and actuation distance of 4mm, 26-key rollover, anti-ghosting, removable palm rest, durable tilt legs, adjustable dual-zone lighting, media controls.

Gigabyte FORCE M7 THOR Pro Laser Mouse

SRP: £29.99

Distributor: VIP Computers

They say: The 6000dpi professional-grade laser sensor offers lightning-fast 12,000 FPS capability for absolute control, giving around four times the image processing capability of a standard mouse.

Specs: 6000dpi (hardware-based sensitivity is up to 5600dpi) laser sensor, three-stage dpi adjustable switch, five programmable buttons, 12,000 FPS frame rate, maximum tracking speed of 150 inches/second.

Func KB-460

SRP: £89.95

Distributor: Entatech

They say: With mechanical switches geared towards every style of play, the KB-460 keeps you on your toes. Arriving ready to be used, or with the possibility to be customised via the included software, the KB-460 delivers a perfect balance of performance, quality and customisation.

Specs: Cherry MX Red linear switches, 45g actuation force, 2mm responsiveness, full N-key rollover, individual backlighting LEDs, onboard 128k memory, two USB 2.0.

Speedlink Xeox Pro Wireless PS3/PC Gamepad

SRP: £29.99

Distributor: Meroncourt

They say: Adopting an ergonomic analog stick position, the Xeox Pro also sports an integrated Li-polymer battery and 2.4GHz wireless connectivity for maximum freedom, while the turbo rapid-fire function provides a tactical advantage.

Specs: PC and PlayStation 3 support, 2.4GHz wireless technology up to a range of 10m, ergonomically positioned analog stick, digital D-pad, four triggers, seven front-facing buttons, switchable rapid-fire functionality, intense vibration.


EntaTech: Mionix offers the perfect combination with its Naos 3200 gaming mouse, and the Sargas 400. Mad Catz also has the S.T.R.I.K.E. 5, the M.M.O. 7, and the G.L.I.D.E. 5 gaming surface which gives your gaming mouse a place to call home.

Gem Distribution: From Gem Distribution comes the SteelSeries Sensei [RAW] gaming mouse in Frost Blue. With a glossy white coating, scaled counts-per-inch adjustment, a rubber cord and built with help including DotA, LoL, HoN, the Sensei [RAW] delivers only the essential performance you need to beat the competition.

Meroncourt: The Roccat Apuri Active USB Hub with Mouse Bungee (£35.99) both manages cables on the desktop, guaranteeing unrestricted movement, and allows you to connect up to four extra USB devices. There’s also a wide range of gaming mice, including the Roccat Kone Pure Pro-Aim R3 (£64.99) and the ambidextrous Ozone Xenon (£29.99). For keyboard lovers, Roccat’s Isku FX (£89.99) is the only keyboard in the world with its Easy-Shift[+] technology.


EntaTech: 0333 101 1000

Gem Distribution: 01279 822822

Meroncourt: 01462 680060

Micro-P: 01282 776776

Northamber: 020 8296 7066

Spire Technology: 01202 828444

Target Components: 01977 739300

VIP Computers: 0871 622 7500

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