Microsoft has joined the ranks of Apple and Samsung with a cheeky commercial of its own

VIDEO: Microsoft takes Siri hostage, rips into iPad

When it comes to tech banter between rivals, Microsoft isn’t known for sparring with Apple and Samsung. But with its latest Surface ad, the firm has delivered an absolute rib tickler.

Both Apple and Samsung have been lauded for their tongue in cheek commercials, taking aim at one another in the process, whilst Microsoft has maintained its corporate profile with a stiff upper lip.

But as Microsoft looks to better the likes of the iPad with its own Surface tablet, Redmond has undergone a change of heart and set its creative crosshairs directly on Apple with its newest ad, which features a familiar computer generated voice.

In the distinctly Apple-esque commercial, Microsoft appears to have kidnapped Siri, forcing her to talk smack about the iPad in the process, whilst the Surface diligently breezes through the tasks that Apple’s flagship tablet seemingly can’t – at least not in Microsoft’s mind.

Microsoft even delivers a final blow by comparing the pricing of the two devices at the finale of the ad following its ‘humiliation’ of the iPad – another battle the Surface chalks up a win.

As Microsoft puts it, the Surface does less talking, more doing than Apple’s overly chatty iPad.

Of course, there’s no chance Apple won’t respond with an ad of its own. Watch this space folks, the season of tech firm one-upmanship is officially open.

Check out the video below.

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