Consumer electronics brand sees huge opportunities for PC retailers

PCR Boot Camp Partner Spotlight: Prestigio

Martin MacNamara, sales director UK at Prestigio, talks about replacing traditional PC product with mobile devices and what the brand will have on show at this year’s PCR Boot Camp event on Wednesday May 29th. 

How important is it for UK retailers and resellers to connect well with customers?
Clearly it’s vital to connect with your customers so that they don’t just buy from you once, but keep coming back for more and telling everyone else they know what a great place you have to shop in. I still think there is room for retailers to make sure their store is an ‘experience’ worth visiting for all the family, whilst also making sure there is something worthwhile to purchase at every price point.

What do you see being the key issues facing PC retailers in 2013?
For me one of the key issues is going to be replacing the lost sales and margin that they used to have on PCs, Notebooks, Netbooks and of course the associated accessories. We all know that sales of the above are continuing to decline and it’s vital to find something to replace this with.

What products/services will you be promoting at the event this year?
We started selling Android tablets over two years ago and have just recently shipped our millionth one, so we will be showing the ever growing range of these, plus also our full range of Android smartphones. We all know that the tablet market is still growing hugely, but we are actually expecting the smartphone market to be six times the size of tablets. In terms of replacing lost sales and margin, this is where it’s going to come from. Plus of course the accessories to go with them.

Why should retailers look out for on your stand at PCR Retail Boot Camp?
To see the quality of product that we can offer and why this matters, good margins, lower return rates, happier customers and ultimately a better experience for everyone.

What are your predictions for the business in 2013?
The decline in traditional PC and notebook market is going to continue and it’s going to be important for all retailers to replace this business, with tablets certainly, but also to make sure they are offering a quality product, not just selling on price point. Upsell your customers to something they are going to be truly happy with rather than just settling for the cheapest. Also you have to look at the smartphone market, most consumers are going to be looking at tablets, but every consumer is going to need a smartphone.

What distinguishes you from your competitors?
Prestigio products are on sale in 57 countries round the world, we’ve shipped over a million tablets, you may not have heard of us yet, but you need to be looking at the quality of product we can offer and all that comes with it, two-year warranty, free UK tech support, leather cases included, Over The Air automatic updates, the list goes on. Come and see for yourself.

What are you looking forward to at this year’s Boot Camp event?
I’m looking forward to meeting with retailers and showing them what we have to offer. Hopefully I can help them learn from the success we have experienced in retail in other countries round the world.

PCR Boot Camp is a one-day conference and expo for the UK’s top technology retailers and resellers, taking place on Wednesday May 29th at The Brewery, London.

You can find out more about PCR Boot Camp at our dedicated website at while interested retailers and resellers can register for free at

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