The first phone to offer Facebook's Home service will be exclusively available this summer on EE in the UK

Mark Zuckerberg unveils Facebook Home, HTC First will hit UK this summer

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has showcased the social-networking giant’s latest endeavour: Facebook Home.

Home is the latest software from the firm, which is designed to run on Android devices and works off users’ Facebook connections.

Once downloaded, Facebook Home essentially replaces a user’s home Android home screen and acts as the hub of their device. The software is part of the firm’s move to shift its users’ focus from "apps and tasks" to people.

Whilst currently a user will unlock their smartphone to be greeted by apps that offer emails, maps, social networking and other services, Facebook Home works to replace this by greeting the user with updates, photos and other posts from their Facebook feed.

However, much like Facebook itself, advertisements will be incorporated into the service in time.

In addition to the new software, Zuckerberg also unveiled the first "Facebook Phone" which is being launched by HTC.

The HTC First is the first device to be offered with Facebook Home preinstalled and is set to launch the same day as the Home revise launches in the US on April 12th.

Whilst a UK release date has yet to be detailed, EE has announced it will become the UK’s exclusive provider of the device this summer.

"The HTC First will be exclusively valuable this summer on EE’s superfast 4GEE service, with details on pricing and availability to be announced in due course," reads an EE statement.

The device is set to retail in the US for $99, so UK consumers can expect a price tag of around £100, whilst contract subsidisations could see this reduced.

As social-networking become an increasingly core element of peoples lives, it would seem that users are moving to adopt theatre mentality with their mobile devices too.

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