Vote for your town or lose out is the message

BT kicks off competition to decide who gets super fast fibre first

British telco giant BT have launched a nationwide survey to gauge demand and thereby prioritise the roll out of super fast fibre broadband by region.

The survey which the BT is calling ‘the race to infinity" is open now and will run to the end of the year. "Join the race to infinity an your area could be next to enjoy superfast speeds," says the description on the survey web site aimed at bolstering interest in the arrive of the firm’s BT Infinity fibre network.

BT has previously said that it would spend £2.5 billion on rolling out fibre-based broadband to two thirds of UK households by 2015. By pitching the survey as a competition, BT will be hoping to build interest from rural communities, particularly as BT have said they will ensure the top five communities gain the super zippy broadband some time next year.

The catch is that 1,000 votes is a cut off level so any villages with exchanges with less than 1,000 premises will be out of luck, despite the fact it is precisely these sort of places which could most benefit by gaining access. It’s also interesting that clicking on a regional area on the map will show how many votes out of a total possible vote for each areas.

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