BlackBerry App World and Windows Marketplace trail far behind, while Android Market users are quite happy

iPhone App Store beats rivals in customer satisfaction survey

A survey of more than 4,000 mobile app users in the US has revealed that Apple’s App Store rates highest for customer satisfaction, with 84 per cent of iPhone users surveyed saying they are satisfied with it.

Google scored an impressive 81 per cent for Android Market in the Nielsen survey. There was little variation between the scores for carrier app stores, judging by T-Mobile (66 per cent), Sprint (65 per cent), AT&T (64 per cent) and Verizon (62 per cent).

Bottom of the ratings came Windows Marketplace with 56 per cent – although Microsoft has already shown off a revamped store for its Windows Phone 7 Series OS.

Meanwhile, BlackBerry App World scored 58 per cent, which won’t please RIM. Being a US survey, however, Nokia’s Ovi Store was not covered.

Nielsen also asked consumers how many apps they have stored on their phone. iPhone was far and away the leader, with an average of 37, followed by Android’s 22. BlackBerry users have an average of 10 apps, while Windows Mobile users have 13.

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