O!Play device wirelessly streams digital content six times faster than USBs and offers ?world first? shuffle ability

Asus reveals HD media player

Asus has unveiled a new media player that allows users to access all their digital content wirelessly.

The O!Play Air HDP-R3 HD streams various audio, photo and high-definition video formats from PCs, network access storage, card readers and other USB or eSATA- connected devices.

The HDP-R3 inherits premium HD playback features and wide file format support from its predecessor, the O!Play HDP-R1, but also offers new networking features and memory slots.

Now with wi-fi support, the device can wirelessly stream content from PCs or NAS, and Asus says developments are underway to integrate internet services too.

The built-in card readers allow users to instantly view images from Compact Flash and SD cards or memory sticks. They will be prompted on whether they want to save their photos into another storage device, and also have the option of organising their photos.

The HDP-R3 claims to be the first HD media player with a dedicated music shuffle button. Located on its remote control, users can press the button and the device will retrieve stored songs and play them in random order.

The eSATA interface gives users a transfer speed up to six times faster than a USB 2.0 connection, while LAN support allows fast streaming and decoding of media files from various devices.

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