Manufacturing giant plans to establish extensive retail footprint in China

Foxconn to launch 10,000 retail stores

Foxconn, the world’s largest electronics manufacturer, has made plans to open up to ten thousand retail stores in China within three years.

According to China Daily, in September Foxconn developed a blueprint that will see the manufacturer invest ten billion Taiwanese dollars into the establishment of an extensive chain of Chinese retail outlets, focusing on the "three Cs" – communication, computer and consumer.

The move is likely to have been spurred by the recession that has seen the giant report negative growth for the first time in ten years. It has been suggested that the retail footprint will assist Foxconn in garnering manufacturing contracts from Western companies seeking a foot hold in the Chinese market.

Although it is not yet confirmed exactly what the retail stores will sell, Foxconn currently manufactures products for a number of well known brands, including Apple’s iPhone, iPod, Mini Mac and iMac, Sony’s Playstation and Vaio laptops, the Amazon Kindle, Microsoft’s Xbox 360, the Nintendo Wii and a variety of Nokia phones among others.

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