Vendor asks judge to permanently shut down clone-maker and award damages

Apple demands Psystar is shut down

Apple has asked the judge presiding over its long standing legal battle with Psystar to close down its operations and award $2.1 million in damages.

According to Mac World, Apple has submitted a request for a permanent injunction to stop the clone-maker from selling any PC bundled with Mac OSX, and to cease distribution of any software that would aid others to run OSX on a non-Apple PC.

The move is the first that the vendor has made since the court ruled that Psystar was acting in violation of Apple’s copyright.

“Psystar’s whole business is premised on stealing from Apple. Psystar pirates Apple’s software, circumvents Apple’s technological protection measures and illegally benefits from the good will and reputation Apple has built,” read Apple’s motion.

“Psystar’s conduct, if permitted to continue, will both tarnish Apple’s reputation for excellence and lead to the proliferation of copycats who also will free ride on Apple’s investments, infringe Apple’s intellectual property rights and cause further irreparable injury.”

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