Google exec Brin says merger of two systems is probable

Chrome OS and Android ‘will likely converge over time’

Google’s two operating systems will probably merge in future, the firm’s co-founder Sergey Brin has said.

According to Cnet, after the Google Chrome OS presentation last week, Brin informally told reporters: "Android and Chrome will likely converge over time", citing elements the two systems have in common, such as their Linux and Webkit code bases.

After the announcement of Chrome OS in July, Google CEO Eric Schmidt reportedly highlighted why it was necessary and separate from the company’s Android smartphone operating system. Device-makers "need different technology for different products," he said, adding that Android has unique code that makes it suitable for phones, while Chrome OS has its own benefits.

Google, has also downplayed Brin’s recent comments. In a statement to Cnet, the firm said: "We’re reaching a perfect storm of converging trends where computers are behaving more like mobile devices, and phones are behaving more like small computers.

“Having two open source operating systems from Google provides both users and device manufacturers with more choice and helps contribute a wealth of new code to the open source community.”

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