Latest operating system can be added with product-based OS themes

Microsoft agrees to adverts in Windows 7

Microsoft has given the go-ahead for companies to advertise their goods on Windows 7.

Now available on an official Windows 7 download page is a selection of operating system themes bearing advertisements for companies including Coca-Cola, Ferrari, 7Up and Ducati.

These themes can colour their brands across the Windows 7 task bar, start screen, system tray and so on. The downloads are optional for users and entirely free.

The themes have been applauded by owners of the participating brands, which are seeking increasingly diverse ways to expand their presence.

Signalling the opportunistic nature of the operating system ad spaces, one Windows 7 theme is based around the upcoming film Avatar. If the adverts are deemed successful, more movie themes are inevitable.

Microsoft, which has also made deals with the likes of Pepsi and Twentieth Century Fox, has not yet stated how much it receives for publishing the advertising themes.

The company sugested that the current scheme is a pilot that will run for 12 months, until a decision is made on the sustainability of ad-supported themes.

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