BLOG: Robert Peckham, director of the UK's leading trade body, argues it is not unusual for technology firms to copy each other

TCA: So what if Windows does copy Apple?

Following the debate on whether Microsoft copied Apple software in its design of Windows 7, Robert Peckham, TCA director responsible for Macs, has told PCR that it probably did – but that this practice is hardly unprecedented in business.

"I’ve looked very closely at Windows 7, and there are certainly many new features in it that I have to agree were clearly inspired by Mac OSX, and there were similar ‘inspirations’ in Vista and XP before it," says Peckham. "Many of these ‘inspirations’ also exist in various Linux-driven operating systems too."

The controversy stemmed from statements made by a Microsoft exec originally published by PCR, and subsequent stories circulated the internet causing significant debate – today reaching the BBC. Microsoft released a statement to us denying that Windows 7 was inspired by Apple OSX.

The director of the UK’s leading trade body for the PC industry also says that there are plenty of features in Windows 7 that storm ahead of Apple OSX, and that Apple will have to ‘catch up’ with these.

"The automotive industry has thousands of technology advances that can be originally accredited to one manufacturer, but then get built into most makes – is this copying? And this is true of pretty well every type of technology out there. Windows 7 has a few features which put it ahead of OSX, like Snap (yes, Mac OSX has Exposé, but it’s not as neat), AeroPeek previewing, and the amazingly simply VPN connectivity integrated with Server 2008 R2 – how long until Apple catch up with those, I wonder?"

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