Spam volumes climb 24% in a year, with denial of service attacks rising

Spam ?at all time high?

Internet spam, malware and other net-based threats have reached record levels in the past three months, according to a report from internet security firm McAfee.

The group also found that “cybercriminals” are now more regularly threatening website owners with Denial of Service attacks.

McAfee’s research, documented in its Third Quarter Threats Report, confirmed that internet threat levels surpassed the previous records set out in the group’s second-quarter report.

In fact, the group said that spam levels broke its previous levels by as much as 10 per cent.

Over a year, spam has climbed 24 per cent to cover 92 per cent of all email.

Meanwhile, McAfee is claiming that web-based attacks are “the newest hot threat vector”, with the popularity of phishing scams and denial of service attacks on the rise.

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