Leading internet provider criticises Lord Mandelson's new measures, claiming they are unworkable and will harm investment

Entanet slams Government’s file sharing crackdown

Entanet has joined fellow internet service provider TalkTalk in condemning new Government plans to ban people from the internet if they persistently file share.

The legislation, announced yesterday by business secretary Peter Mandelson, will give the state the power to order ISPs to disconnect the most serious offenders, though only as a ‘last resort’.

Entanet claims the new measures are unfeasible, and that eventually investment will suffer.

“Asking ISPs to police the Internet is like asking the Highways Agency to take responsibility for all of the accidents that happen on the roads," said Darren Farnden, marketing manager. "We are no more able to control how people use their connectivity than someone who builds and maintains roads can control the way in which people drive.

"All we can do is make sure that the highway is in working order, put reasonable usage policies in place and take appropriate action when it is necessary, merited and most importantly proven. There is already talk of the introduction of a broadband tax, so any added responsibility for monitoring is ultimately going to hurt ISPs’ and Internet users’ pockets. At a time when the UK needs considerable and continued investment in its network infrastructure, this is unwelcome to say the least.”

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