Survey finds strong opposition to plans to disconnect file-sharers from the internet

Anti-piracy measures are a vote loser

A YouGov poll on behalf of the Open Rights Group has found that 31 per cent of UK citizens would be much less likely to vote for a party that supports internet disconnection as a punishment for file sharing.

In addition, a further 13 per cent simply said they would be less likely to vote for a party for the same reasons, bringing the total of those who would be politically opposed up to 44 per cent.

68 per cent of respondents felt that if the measures were to go through then access should only be withdrawn after court proceedings, while 16 per cent support automatic disconnection on accusation, as under the current proposals.

“This poll shows people rely on the internet, and an overwhelming majority think that access should only ever be withdrawn as the result of court action,” said the executive director of the Open Rights Group, Jim Killock.

“Nearly a third would be much less likely to vote for a party that supports disconnection proposals. Only a tiny number – 16 per cent – think the government has got this right. Clearly Mandelson is out of step with public opinion and should think again.”

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