Makeshift dual-core processing achieved on entry-level device

Intel?s Atom sees double with new netbook

Colombian computer manufacturer Haleron has managed to design a netbook with two Intel Atom processors sitting inside, claiming the entry-level device is as fast as the average laptop.

The Swordfish Net N102 runs as fast as 1.6Gz and yet is priced at US$449. However, the batter is said to be hit from the extra power consumption, with a three-cell battery running the device for two-and-a-half hours.

The netbook is being targeted to the Latin American market, where expensive power-laptops are rarely best-sellers, and yet the professional industries still require devices capable of rapid multitasking.

Haleron says that it spent half a year trying to unite the two Atom processors, which divide the workload much like a dual-core processor.

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