Supplier aims to unify power saving tech under one name

Watts Clever unveils new energy saving brand

Watts Clever has launched a range of energy saving products, which have been designed to bring the broad range of disparate solutions together under one brand.

The range covers a variety of product categories such as solar power chargers, automatic standby plugs and energy monitors.

The solar chargers have been designed for the dual function of providing an emergency means of recharging mobile devices such as phones, PDAs and MP3 players, but also aim to introduce a new way of powering them up without the need to plug them into the mains electricity and add to the bills.

The standby charges have been designed to directly tackle the main issue of persuading people to stop leaving products on standby – convenience. Rather than ask people to turn off their television, computer or music equipment at the wall, Watts Clever’s range of standby chargers turn off the supply of electricity at set times, for example, between 6pm and 8am.

“While none of these products are unique, it is the first time they have been brought under a single brand that can provide retailers and resellers with a consistant message for their customers,” Watts Clever founder, Mark Mortimer told PCR. “A single, clear and consistent brand doesn’t just help retailers make their shelves look nicer; it genuinely helps remove a lot of the confusion that customers have traditionally had around these products.”

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