Ballmer's bonus was cut by $100,000 last financial year

Microsoft CEO’s pay cut

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was paid 5.5 per cent less last financial year than the previous year, as the software giant saw a drop in annual sales for the first time ever.

According to Reuters, a Microsoft filing with securities regulators showed that Ballmer earned a total of $1,276,627 for the year up to 30 June, slightly below the previous year’s total of $1,350,834.

He received a $665,833 salary – slightly more than last year – but his bonus was cut down to around $600,000 from $700,000. Ballmer reportedly chose not to receive any compensation in the form of Microsoft shares.

Microsoft experienced its first decrease in annual revenue in the 2009 fiscal year, with operating profit falling by 9 per cent to $20.4 billion. The company announced in January that, due to the poor economic climate, it had frozen salaries for the 2010 financial year, which started on 1 July.

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