Comparable prices could lead to faster adoption in newer tech

DDR3 memory closes price gap with DDR2

The mass-market rollout of DDR3 memory could arrive sooner than initially anticipated.

Numerous reports are pointing to new market data from analyst site DRAMexchange, which is currently recording the average value of DDR2 at about the same price as the newer DDR3.

At the time of going to press, the current average trade price of DDR2 memory for a 1GB 800MHz chip is $2.03. the cost of DDR3 for a 1GB 1333MHz chip, meanwhile, is $2.09.

That small difference in price, the theory goes, will tempt suppliers to stock DDR3 tech sooner than believed.

The trade price of DDR2 tech has jumped in recent weeks, having only now met the $2 price-point as units become harder to find.

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