Network operator will open branded premises to build awareness of its internet products

BT to launch broadband stores

BT is to open two high street broadband stores in an effort to raise awareness of the benefits of its super-fast fibre optic broadband network.

According to ERT, the stores will be opened in Whitchurch, near Cardiff and Muswell Hill in London, both of which are areas where BT plans to trial its FTTH (fibre to the home) network.

So far, the majority of the fibre optic network consists of FTTC (fibre to the cabinet) with traditional copper cables running from the cabinet to the individual home. While fast, this arrangement is significantly slower than a FTTH network.

“The showcase shows local people what super-fast broadband, currently being trialled in their areas, is all about and enables them to see demonstrations of a range of home and business applications that will enhance their lives,” commented BT Retail’s marketing director Matthew Dearden.

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