Researchers develop large ductile screens using organic components

Flexible LED screen created

Scientists at the University of Illinois have created a large-scale, flexible LED screen, which the research team claims could have a myriad of uses

According to Reuters, the new technology can be stretched to fit the contours of a bus, yet retain transparency so that the driver and passengers can still see out of the windows.

The technology is created using a combination of LED lighting and flexible clear sheeting that is created using organic materials, and is the latest development from the University, which has made a number of breakthroughs in flexible electronics.

“If you look at these giant billboard displays along the road side, those are made out of inorganic light emitting diodes,” said Professor John Rogers of the University of Illinois. “Our feeling is those systems are quite impressive. The question became is it possible to take that technology and use it in a non-billboard format.”

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