Monitor and projector manufacturer diversifies into PCs and media players, readies big Q4 retail push

Redefined Viewsonic prepares retail drive

Viewsonic is preparing a large-scale invasion of UK retail this Christmas with new lines of PCs and media players, having announced its dramatic diversification programme late last month.

The vendor has built its business on producing monitors and projectors, and is utilising this knowledge base in the expansion, launching netbooks, all-in-one PCs, all-in-one TVs, visual media players, mini PCs, portable players, all with a ‘visual centric’ design.

The move puts its in direct competition with the likes of Asus and Acer in the netbook space, and many more technology giants besides. However it believes its particular angle and brand leverage will ensure a big splash a retail this Christmas

"We’re diversifying using our expertise, our research and development, our background with the factory suppliers and the people that we know in Asia, to bring new visual display centric products," said Ricky Kumar, retail AV manager at Viewsonic. "The majority of the products will be coming in Q3, certainly the Q4 timeframe for the Christmas peak period. It’s a big move. We’ll be in competition with the likes of Asus and Acer on the netbook side, what we’re doing is leveraging the strong presence our brand has in the UK space."

After the initial Christmas burst, the firm believes its smaller size will be an asset in the long term when competing with more established hardware vendors, allowing it to respond to market trends quicker.

"What we are good at is being fast to market," added Kumar. "We work with a leaner and smaller structure than other companies as well, so we’ll be able to bring products to market much faster than other vendors."

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