Norton-publisher says that the internet generation's IT confidence is endangering their security

Symantec warns complacent ‘tech-savvy’ youths

Symantec warned that the youth of today are leaving themselves wide open to security threats because of a worrying level of complacency.

Speaking to PCR, vice president of consumer sales for EMEA Lee Sharrocks said that one of the biggest challenge facing it, along with its competitors, is changing the perception amongst that age group about the need for security software.

"The older generation of PC users learnt the ropes as they went along. The younger generation has been using computers since day one; they grew up using these machines. They’re far more tech savvy but at the same time can be extremely complacent about security.

"This is unfortunate, because threats have become far more sophisticated and stealthy than ever before. The emphasis is on stealing personal data and doing so without being detected. The challenge for us now is to tackle attitudes to security and people’s perception of it."

To read PCR’s full interview with vice president of consumer sales at Symantec, Lee Sharrocks, click here.

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