Vendors will miss deadline for Green Dam ? Youth Escort deployment

Chinese censorship software not ready

PC manufacturers are likely to miss the deadline set by the Chinese Government for its integrated web censorship software.

The software, called Green Dam – Youth Escort, was due to be implemented in all new PCs by July 1st but due to practical issues it could be as much as two months before it sees deployment.

Talking to the Financial Times, US PC analyst Rob Enderle speculated that the delay might offer an opportunity for the Chinese Government to step down its demand in the face of global criticism, as it is “kind of embarrassed about this, finding a graceful way out of it would be very welcome.”

When questioned, PC vendors have shown ambivalence about the demand, only Acer has openly stated that it sees no choice but to comply.

As mentioned in a previous article, the developer of the software, Jinhui, is a long term partner of the Chinese Ministry of Public Security and works closely with the People’s Liberation Army’s Information Engineering University.

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