Palm format TG7VE brings several features from still cameras, including smile detection

Sony ups the ante with latest camcorder

Sony’s latest addition to the Handycam family – the HDRTGV7VE – has been designed along the same lines as its popular palmcam format.

Coming packed with features that make shooting home movies even easier, the new TG7VE is extremely portable, ensuring those special moments while out and about need never be missed.

It also comes with Sony’s new smile shutter technology, which helps your customers to get great pictures by triggering the shutter only when everyone on the other side of the camcorder is smiling. But the really smart thing about the inclusion of this technology is that the device can be set to take pictures of people smiling even when it’s recording – without interrupting the filming.

Another feature normally found only on stills cameras, but making its appearance on Sony’s TG7VE, is GPS tagging. Enabling it makes sure that your customers will always be able to remember where they recorded that video or took that photo.

And to put the icing on the cake, if your customers are either not that technologically competent or just have no interest in sitting down in front of the computer and editing the footage together, the camcorder comes the ability to automatically cut and paste the best parts of what has been recorded into a mini-movie. All in all, there’s lots of value in this camcorder.

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