"We're investing in the downturn," states SVP Ron Johnson as it prepares to refit 100 stores

Recession not slowing Apple’s retail plans

Apple has said that the recession isn’t making the company slow down its retail expansion plans, but rather speeding them up.

"We know that a lot of people are cutting back, but we’re doing the opposite," Apple’s senior vice president of retail, Ron Johnson told USA Today. "We’re investing in the downturn."

He said that the company would be remodelling 100 of its current stores, while opening a further 25 stores across the world, including a fourth in New York. Much of the overhaul will focus on providing more service space within its stores for its Genius Bar, and selling space for its Mac computers.

Apple currently has 20 stores across the UK, with plans to open seven further stores in London, Cardiff, Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Norwich, Leeds and Brighton.

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