Meroncourt signs up new netbook accessories vendor

Channel is spoiled for Choiix

Distributor Meroncourt is looking to help retailers capitalise on the netbook boom with its latest vendor signing, Choiix.

Choiix’s Mini-Air Hub is a stand designed to fit the proportions of popular netbooks, while also providing cooling through its inbuilt fan. It also has four USB ports to provide extra functionality and flexibility.

For those on the move, the vendor also has a sleeve for Eee PC devices with a screen size up to 8.9-inches. Available in green, blue and pink, the Easy Fit Eee PC comes packed with plenty of pockets for media cards, business cards and even a pen – making it ideal for those who use their netbooks as a mobile office while they’re on the go.

Choiix also has a sturdier sleeve for those carrying or using their devices in more riskier environments, such as construction sites. The Ergonomic metal sleeve has been designed to fit all devices with screen sizes of 8.9-inches or smaller.

For those who use their netbooks at their desks, the Choiix Chair is a mixed wood and metal stand. Adjustable to three different positions, it has been designed to fit in with any office thanks to a wide selection of wood grain finishes.

It has also considered those who like to use their netbooks in non-traditional locations, such as on their sofa or in bed, with its Ucool pad. Developed to protect user’s legs from the heat generated by netbooks, it utilises a ‘U’ shaped design to move heat away from the device, while providing a stable platform to use it on.

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