However, value message comes under fire from Linux Foundation

Microsoft launches latest PC vs Mac ad

Microsoft has launched the second TV spot in its Laptop Hunters advertising campaign, this time focusing on the cool value that Apple’s products have.

In the latest advert, ‘Giampaolo’ is looking for a small, but powerful computer, but immediately brushes off Apple’s products as "This is so sexy, but Macs to me are about aesthetics more than they are about the computing power."

However, Microsoft’s latest advertising campaign – which promotes Window’s value over Apple’s – has come under fire from Linux supporters. "We are starting to see a major competitor compete on price," commented Linux Foundation executive director Jim Zemlin, speaking at the Linux Collaboration Summit in San Francisco. "The thing is, if you are going to compete on price that’s going to be a tough competition."

"They are going to have to leverage what ever advantage they can to compete with Apple, and price is one thing in its competition against Linux where Microsoft is doomed to failure."

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