Leaked communications between software firm and vendor partners details upgrade programme

Microsoft hints at Xmas 09 launch for Windows 7

Windows 7 is likely to launch this Christmas season, according to leaked communications between Microsoft and its partners.

According to the leaked documents, Microsoft will begin its Windows 7 Upgrade Programme on July 1st. Based on the vendor’s similar Vista upgrade scheme, any Windows Vista PC purchased between the start of the programme and January 31st 2010 would be entitled to a free upgrade to the new operating system.

Analysts have added weight to the likelihood the documents are real. "[The veracity of the report] seems reasonable to me," commented Directions on Microsoft’s Matt Rosoff. "If it is soliciting OEM feedback now, that points to a possible release in time for holiday 2009."

Microsoft refused to comment on the leaked report, but did tell ComputerWorld: "Microsoft often explores options with our partners to determine product offerings," said the spokeswoman. "We are not announcing anything new at this time."

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