Leading consumer games magazine questions software giant?s commitment

Has Microsoft abandoned PC gaming?

Edge, one of the UK’s most read and respected consumer games magazines, has questioned Microsoft’s dedication to the PC games sector, following studio closures and increasing focus on the Xbox 360 console.

Five internal games studios have been shut down in the last three years, while the remaining operations display a decided sway towards console gaming.

The report claims that despite Microsoft’s current dominance of the operating systems market, it could loose out to rivals like Linux if it does not grab the gaming market by both hands.

“More than ever, it’s apparent that Microsoft’s support of PC gaming is declining fast,” reads the feature. “Strange that the company that has the PC OS market cornered doesn’t appear to have found a synergy with PC game development. Microsoft didn’t even mention PC gaming during its recent Consumer Electronics Show presentation, where Windows 7 took the spotlight; Xbox 360 on the other hand enjoyed a nice chunk of attention.

“The company insists that “new games for Windows [will be] developed by Microsoft Games Studios.” The question is, which Microsoft Game Studios will continue to develop PC games? Lionhead, which hit it big with the Xbox 360 exclusive Fable II? Turn 10, the Forza developer that has yet to release a game for PC? Rare, whose latest game was Banjo-Kazooie for Xbox 360?”

To read the full report, click here.

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