Former vendor sends out cease and desist orders to those using the term

Psion protects Netbook trademark

After dabbling in the sub-notebook category almost a decade ago, Psion Teklogix has sent out a flurry of cease and desist orders to bloggers using the term ‘netbook,’ which Psion claims is a registered trademark of the company.

The original product, the Psion netBook, was abandoned before items such as the Asus EeePC hit shelves and the term subsequently came in to use as a generic (if inaccurate) name for the market segment.

The term has come to be generally utilised and has been used not only by online blogs, but by giants like Intel and research firm Gartner. In fact, the generic usage of the name has lead to speculation that the cease and desist orders may now be unenforceable.

Source: jkOnTheRun

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