New UK and Ireland regional director pushes for awareness of a broader range of products

Logitech: ?We?re not just keyboards and mice?

Logitech’s new regional director for the UK and Ireland, Yehia Oweiss, is launching an awareness campaign for the firm’s new broader range of products, in an attempt to change the perception that the firm only deals in peripherals.

“People know us for keyboards and mice,” he told PC Retail. “To be honest, when I joined the company earlier this year I had the same preconception, but I soon saw the huge range of products and services that Logitech can offer.”

Logitech is still a market leader in the peripherals segment, which remains a core part of its business, having sold nearly a billion mice. However, the company is looking to develop an array of other product lines to improve diversity and add potential service margins for retailers.

Logitech is also looking to stimulate the market and has launched a number of initiatives to this end. The company is offering a two-for- one deal on European flights to purchasers of its high-end webcams as part of its ‘Be There’ campaign, which highlights the benefits of video conferencing with family members abroad.

The firm is also making the most of its product placement in the recent Dark Knight movie, where the hero was shown using a Logitech keyboard. The film will be available on DVD from December 8th and Logitech flyers will be in 1.8 million DVD cases, offering a free-to-enter competition as well as a range of merchandised peripherals.

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